The blue sky of Rotterdam

My phone is ringing and I see that Emma is Skyping me.


“Hi! Sarah girl, where are you?”

I show her my view. Emma smiles and puts on her OMG face.

“What? Are you in Rotterdam? That's a nice place for a High Wine in the Sky, I’ll say! Hey, what are you up to for the holidays, Sarah? I was thinking about going to Paris for a few days. I’ve heard that the bar of the Hotel Costes is really worth visiting. Great cocktails, glamorous and all the rich and famous go there as well. What do you say, girl, a fancy gossip girl trip to Paris?"


Emma and I have been friends for years now. We spend hours chatting about the two ‘most important world issues’: fashion and yes, Mr Right. Ever since Emma is a newly single, she has been off to various places and exciting cities almost every month. And whenever possible, I join her.

While Emma is still chatting, I think about Paris in Spring. Breakfast on the terrace of Montmartre’s Coquelicot. Feeling Parisian, when you’re having lunch on a park bench and OMG, going to JaJa in Le Marais for dinner! Chef Massimiliano Monaco's cuisine caresses all your senses. He could be a Michelin chef, believe me. The only difference is the price. So Paris, if I play it smart, I’ll have enough money left for shopping. Ah shopping ... Name one woman who doesn’t like to shop in a city like Paris. Last year, I discovered the Saint Germain des Près. A district with famous houses like Lacroix, Dior, Cartier and Guerlain, but if you look closely you’ll also find some trendy small, independent shops.


"Yes, of course I fancy a trip to Paris!" I interrupted Emma.


We chatted a bit longer and agreed to take the Thalys to get there. Later that evening, I got behind my laptop to book train tickets and a hotel. Wow, what a beautiful bag! From the corner of my eye, I see a tempting offer: ‘Blake, a bag  in a lovely pink version. Just as pink as the blossom on the trees near the Eiffel Tower. Perfect for my trip to Paris! For the next hour, I buy, I book and make reservations. Ha ha, the story of my life.


Completely satisfied, I move over to my chaise longue for a last check of my emails. No more tea, but a nice glass of Chardonnay. Mmm, if I was a cat, I’d be purring right now!




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