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What's the idea behind Sarah? My everlasting interest for Colors and Fashion, and the knowledge that luxury doesn’t have to be the most expensive price for something nice. This made that
"Sarah" is more than just an accessory.
"Sarah" is a lifestyle, a catch to your wardrobe , your presence...
I strongly believe in quality, a nice price, less is more with that something special.
What's also important for me?  My personal contact with you!
I want to know my client, so I can give the correct advice when needed.

As I mentioned, we have something exclusive for you.

I'm fond of "Jay", you know that small bag where you can put all the little things

Choose your favorite Jay, together with your handbag of your choice, put " jay" as item discount. And within a few days, after payment confirmation, you receive in your Box: 
o   Jay
o   Your handbag

o  "I love you to the Moon & Back" key ring 

o  FREE Shipping costs

Since we deliver to several countries, the chance that your neighbor wear that same handbag, is impossible. Or you had to ask her to wear yours!

If you have any questions about your choice, your appearance, feel free to get in touch.

You can reach me by Facebook/bysarahmartin for a chat session. And don't forget to share and like our FB Page 


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