Sarah Martin



I met Inge, the woman behind Sarah Martin, at Casa Sabatelli, in Amsterdam. The Kinkerstraat to be exactly.

We order Busiate. Delicious, no doubt about that! 


What I immediately notice, are her eyes. She looks at me, not all surprised, while enjoying the Italian way-of-life-food.


"Who is Sarah"

Initially a lovely doll, a cartoon character

With "Sarah" I present her life as a woman of today.

Who is she, what is her style, how is her look?


"It starts all with desire"

“In what sense”

I am portraying a Fashion story, familiar to every woman regardless of where she lives and works or what her social status is.

"Sarah" can be single, in love, engaged, married, (no) children, a secretary, a businesswoman, a housewife, an ambassador...

She can be a woman still searching for her own style or she may have already discovered it. She has her ideas, issues and questions.


My favorite handbag? Blake, a between 2 cities-bag which match perfectly with my daily city-outfits


"A subconscious life is our conscious feeling"

 "Who are the people behind the scenes"


Stephan gives Sarah and her friends a face

Gabrielle tells Sarah's story in an amusing way

Jeroen is the guy behind the numbers



Enterprising people!

They translate my business story into "Sarah"

Wr really have an incredible, fun team...

A big thanks to them! 



And you? Her eyes shines

"Sarah, c'est moi!"

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