Monday Blues

Sarah , I have a “Bridget Jones and Monday Blues” feeling at the same time, I don't know what to wear!
Did I just received your “Houston, we have a problem” call for the outfit-of-the-day issue?
You know, the famous OOTD #, the “What (not) to wear" question.


Aha, that  Bridget Jones-feeling?
Your face is irresistible when you say “maybe”, and you have the cutest smile.
Everyone has their insecurities, you are no different, I said.
I wonder what Mr Darcy might bring you today? hmmm!


Tip 1: Organization
Your laundry basket is more organized than your wardrobe and your bed is covered with personal stuff. This really calls for some really cutting-edge organization. I smile, because I see where the answer to your problem lies.

Jay " I whisper. You can put your make-up, your keys, your mobile in that sweet lady-bag-purse, which you can get in different styles." You look at me with a OMG face. 


Tip 2: The occasion

What else I see? Your other notebook, your e-reader, your wallet and of course your key ring.
What’s the occasion today?
“Meeting with a future client outside the office”.  I laugh when I see that "help me again" expression on your face.

Mmm, I guess you don’t want to make a bad impression when you meet your new client, your Mr Darcy ?

 Okay, I really must hold my tongue. If looks could kill (smile)

‘Wear your white trousers, that fabulous NY-shirt that we bought together... let's start the day with that”


Tip 3: Shoes, Sarah, I need to drive
Do you have those lovely pumps, you know, the imitation Manolo.Uh, yes, I do  “Wear them”. I whisper Don't forget to take your blue high-heels shoes".


Again you give me that OMG face. " High heels, with my job" Sure!
What comments do you think I'll get?  Sure, we call them compliments!
Change just one thing in your OOTD and you immediately change  your appearance.

Tip 4: Classic Dress, 
My advice, have at least one classic in your wardrobe.  A nice one in a great color. Spend a little more money on it. This could be the eyecatcher in your wardrobe, in a nice color. No idea where to buy one? Let me help you , check our Magazine first and get some inspiration for your wardrobe. Need more advice? Send me a PM!


Tip 5: Accessories, 

Yes, we are talking  about that lovely bag, the one that meets your needs for the large and small precious moments of the day, Catherine " might be a perfect Lady’s bag for the outfit of today!

This is your office bag, where you put your keys, your diary, your mobile phone and your wallet.  
Even the great pictures you have on your e-reader. The great thing is that you can also use the handbag as a clutch (just remove the strap).
“This could be your 2 in 1 handbag”.  For your night-out, your date.

Tip 6: Hair and Make-Up, 

You are familiar with those commercials for the bad-hair-day-shampoo. Well, that’s not you. Absolutely not!
“Thank you for the advice, I will keep that in mind”.  

I was being a little ironic! Did you notice?  Did you just do a perfect Bridget-imitation?

Okay I said, what was your ‘Houston” problem again? 

“Do we have a problem?” you replied 

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