Paris, blue eyes and a surprising message

What to take with me for my trip with Em to Paris? I dive into my walk-in closet and immediately take out my two Blake bags: the pink and the blue one. A girl can never have enough bags. Ha, that will never happen to me. As a bag designer, I'll make sure of that. My eyes are on the blue Karl Lagerfeld pumps that fit perfectly with the bag. Call me weird, but I always start with my bags and other accessories and go from there. Accessories are like the cherry on the cake, the finishing touch. Without accessories you are only half dressed. However, the catch is that your accessories say something about you, show your personality. And the best advice I have ever had: invest in yourself, wear nice accessories. Why? Because you’re worth it.

While enjoying my tre forze espresso, I check my phone. No doubt, it’s Emma: on my way to you, à bientôt ma chérie. I smile … Emma has been practicing. Normally, she doesn’t go beyond the oui, non and voulez-vous couchez avec moi Recently single, she will definitely be paying attention to the men in Paris, mark my words.

We checked in at the Hotel Sacre Coeur at Montmartre. A very colourful and inspiring hotel where they serve a lovely local breakfast. Later on, we find ourselves walking through Montmartre. Clearly, we are not the only tourists. While Emma is shamelessly flirting with one of the artists, my attention is drawn to a handsome man with incredibly blue eyes. Our eyes meet and my breath stops for a second. Oh heck! He saw that I looked at him.

" I like your bag, it’s beautiful'', he said. “Hi, I'm Jay. What’s your name?”

“I like your eyes”, I answered.

OMG, what am I doing? I am a grown woman, classy and not some stupid teenager. Jay didn’t notice. He is talking about Montmartre. From the corner of my eye, I see Emma approvingly looking at Jay. Oops, time to say goodbye. I called Emma and oh dear she inspects ‘my tourist’ as she passes him. She took my arm and whispered: “pas mal ma chérie, pas mal du tout!”.

In the evening Anna calls me from Tel Aviv. Wow, she tells me that she has great news! I promise her to see her for lunch next week in London, so we can talk all about it. This is indeed great news and simply must be celebrated. Room service!





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