Sarah Martin


Quit hiding your Magic, the World is ready for You


I never forget how badly I was dressed on my first date, so I had to change my insecurities into confidence and Passion for Fashion was born. Today I love to help women making their choices for a Lady's Bag and how to wear it. The best advice I ever had, wear appealing accessories, you're worth it. Make that Personal Touch to your Wardrobe.


 Sarah Martin is an accessory-brand for a self-confident woman, which gives her presence that extraordinary.

She knows that not everyone wears the same accessory





Pure Passion



It reflects

your Personality



Make it


What to take with me for my trip with Em to Paris? I dive into my walk-in closet and immediately take out my two Blake bags: the pink and the blue one....

Are you feeling like " Bridget Jones" on a Monday morning? It's all about the "What (not) to wear Question", your "outfit-of-the-day" issue...

I met Inge, the woman behind Sarah Martin, at Casa Sabatelli, in Amsterdam. The Kinkerstraat to be exactly. We order Busiate...

I'm seeking for a Woman who likes to Talk, is a Fashion-Addict, loves Handbags, can make a good Story...


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